Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Consultations consist of a 90 minute consultation.


15 minutes is spent discussing your health history, physical assessment, range-of-motion exercises and specific tests for your condition


60 minutes is spent applying remedial massage techniques to improve your flexibility, range-of-motion and strength.


15 minutes is spent educating and demonstrating appropriate stretching and strengthening routines for you to do at home to manage your condition


Please Note: Mobile consultations are also available in your own home.



Remedial Massage Services available to you include:


Sports massage

blend of relaxation and remedial massage techniques to enhance circulation and relieve inflammation, pre/post-event, respectively


Trigger point therapy

deep tissue, "pressure point" techniques designed to relieve acute or chronic muscular tension due to injuries or physical stress


Myofascial release

slow, very deep, pressure techniques applied to fascia (connective tissue) that has tightened around adjacent muscle groups (e.g. tight calves)


Remedial Massage Consultations:

90 minutes ($120) 

Mobile Consultations:  please add $10


Note: Bulk consultation packages are also available


Five treatments $480 (fifth treatment free)


Follow-up consultations are advisable each fortnight after our initial consultation to ensure that you are making progress and to adjust your treatment regime if necessary to overcome any obstacles that you may be experiencing along your pathway towards your health goals