Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage Treatments are tailored to your requirements, depending on the areas of the body and the length of time you request.


Aromatherapy Foot Baths are provided prior to your treatment as a welcoming introduction to all treatments.


30-minute treatments focus on back, buttocks, hamstrings, calves and feet




feet, thighs, stomach, arms and hands




chest, neck, face and scalp


60-minute treatments focus on two areas.


90-minute treatments focus on relieving tension from your entire body


Please Note: Mobile massage treatments are available for your convenience in your own home.


If you are uncomfortable receiving massage to any of these areas please advise me beforehand.




Relaxation Massage treatments include:



relaxation massage techniques applied with essential oils blended in an almond oil base



relaxation massage techniques applied with almond oil alone


Lymphatic Drainage 

relaxation massage techniques applied using corn starch to enhance excess fluid return from the extremities via the lymphatic system, which is also very relaxing for your nervous system.


Please Note:

Lymphatic Drainage is applied to the whole body and as such it is only available as a 90-Minute Treatment. 


Herbal Teas are freshly made at the completion of your massage for your enjoyment and refreshment


Relaxation Massage Consultations:

30 minutes ($50)

60 minutes ($90)

90 minutes ($120)


Mobile Consultations: please add $10


Note: Bulk consultation packages are also available


Five treatments $480 (fifth treatment free)