My approach to naturopathy focusses on the mind as well as the body, because many physical illnesses are manifested in the body due to unresolved emotional issues.


For example, anxiety can often affect the digestive system, resulting in bloating, diarrhoea, flatulence or ulcers!


The complex relationships between your nervous system and all other body systems is investigated thoroughly during your initial consultation.


This consultation is designed to provide me with a broad understanding of your health history so that we both know what you have experienced in the past and what health goals you want to work towards in the future.


I aim to give you a better understanding of how your condition has developed and to provide you with a therapeutic plan to manage it.



Naturopathic Services available to you include:



essential plant oils to enhance physical, mental and emotional health via massage, ointments, creams, lotions, gels, inhalations and therapeutic baths


Dietary advice 

wholesome foods to alleviate diet-related diseases


Herbal medicine 

teas, liquid extracts, powders, tablets, creams, liniments, lotions, ointments, poultices, compresses, pessaries and suppositories to heal your condition


Holistic Counselling

focussing on every aspect of your life to provide you with a plan to move towards your health goals, including community involvement, creativity, education, exercise, finances, health, home, occupation, relationships, relaxation, sexuality, spirituality, life planning, reflection and self-image


Lifestyle counselling 

stress reduction and exercise prescription techniques designed to alleviate the mental and physical effects of stress on your mind and body



focusses the mind using guided imagery, mantra chanting or vibrational healing to teach you to become calmer in your daily life, so that your mind is better equipped to cope with stressful situations whenever they occur (group sessions are available)


Nutritional medicine

nutritional supplementation to address acute dietary deficiencies that cannot be met through dietary changes in the short-term




Initial Consultation (90 minutes) $120

Follow-Up Consultations (60 minutes) $90


Note: Bulk consultation packages are also available


Five consultations $390 (fifth consultation free)


Follow-up consultations are advisable each month after our initial consultation to ensure that you are making progress and to adjust your treatment regime if necessary to overcome any obstacles that you may be experiencing along your pathway towards your health goals


Please be aware that most chronic health conditions can take many months or years to develop and cannot be healed immediately, requiring up to six months treatment before significant improvements can be experienced